KIHARA Design Contest

We are delighted to present the winning design of this year’s KIHARA Design Contest.

Winners Design


Designer: Charlotte Vinouze


This graphic presentation symbolises the movement of water before a peculiar wave of sound. Reminiscent of the features of Zen gardens, the different patterns depicted materialise the movement of water reflecting a sound, the passing of a fish or the drop of a tea leave gently falling into the vessel. The imagery itself echoes cymatics patterns, especially bringing to mind the work of Alexander Lauterwasser, who photographed the surface of water set in motion by sound sources ranging from pure sinusoidal waves to the music of Ludwig van Beethoven. Drawn with watercolour, this picture echoes classical ornaments, a sea monster or jellyfish, covering the tracks on the plate’s true origin.

Techniques: watercolour, photography.


Born in 1988, Charlotte Vinouze lives and work in Nantes and Paris.
She graduated with a master’s degree in design strategy at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris.

She created her own design studio focusing on print design in the fields of arts and culture, and textile design in the luxury goods and children’s segments. Working in varied fields allowed her to develop a global vision of the creative world and a contemporary art direction.

Her latest experiences have led her to work for Hermès and LVMH, where she patiently acquired the knowledge to find and develop ideas to the fullest. For kids’ label Billieblush, she has created several colour palettes, themes, imageries, prints and patterns.

Two experiences abroad have nurtured her work: in Dublin, Ireland, where she studied photography, and in Norway, where she tried to capture the idiosyncrasies of Scandinavian design.

The work of Charlotte Vinouze features a colourful and subtle design vocabulary articulating concepts and forms.

Work: “Le son dans l’eau”, “the sound in water”